Andrea Delsignore:

He was born in Vercelli on May 4, 1981.
In 1988 he approaces music through the piano, pushed by his parents (who he will never thank enaugh for that!).
During his teenage years, he extends his knowledge on two other instruments: the guitar and the voice (his greatest passion!), and then started playing the the bass in May 1999, somewhat by chance but also by necessity.
He undertook the study of the instrument as a self-taught mainly by practicing in various musical bands in the Vercelli area, and then he deepen his skills between 2004 and 2006 under the guidance of Master Dino Contenti at first, and of Master Cristian Anzaldi later.

From 1997 to today he has collaborated with many bands and cover bands of various genres with which he has performed both in Italy and Switzerland.

He also participated in various events and competitions for up-and-coming bands.
Gifted with a great stage presence, his aggressive touch and the ease in harmonizing vocal melodies are his main strengths.